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Full Project Support and Accountability

Construction projects have been traditionally design-bid-build and paid for within a framework of strictly defined roles, relationships and procedures. The traditional structure of construction contracting has proved its overall effectiveness, but, perceived weaknesses and/or opportunities for improvement have led to consideration and use of new emerging contract services.

At Viridian Systems, we have been offering the design-build contracting methodology to our customers for many years. The (Master Builder) is again becoming prominent on the construction scene. An increasing number of owners, both public and private are turning to the design-build method of project delivery in order to fast track the project and reduce overall project costs. With both design and construction in the hands of a single entity, there is a single point of responsibility for quality, cost and schedule adherence. In addition, the owner is relieved from responsibility for potential delays and additional costs associated with design errors and omissions.

We would like the opportunity to review with you the specific advantages of the design-build method of project delivery.

The Viridian Systems Roofing Advantage
Full Project Support and Accountability

Viridian Systems has a reputation for integrity and quality workmanship that is second to none.  We are approved by most major roofing manufacturers to design, install and maintain roofing systems. We offer customers integrity, credibility and a flawless history of accountability. Viridian Systems has the experience, manpower, equipment, manufacturer's support and financial fortitude to manage any project, no matter the scope, from start to finish. Our customers experience peace of mind in knowing that when they choose Viridian Systems, they choose a company who can handle all the details seamlessly. We’ve built our roofing business on a reputation for high quality installations, preventative maintenance and unwavering customer support. We have a high level of expertise on many different types of facilities including: industrial, commercial, retail, governmental, educational, institutional and even historical landmarks. We maintain roofing offices regionally as well as nationally. We provide full project support teams that consist of sales consultants, estimating teams, superintendents, foremen, skilled craftsmen, in-house repair shop personnel and a Director of Safety. The support teams form a complete chain of accountability that assures the project is completed on time, within budget and without interruption to our customers' operations.


Roofing is one of the construction trades most susceptible to accidents and injuries. At Viridian Systems, we take safety very seriously. Roofing projects require completion on-time, within budget and without interference to our customer's operations. These requirements are meaningless if they are not achieved through safe operations. Viridian’s Safety Program includes:

Safety starts at the top. From our president to our executive vice presidents... from our operations managers to our superintendents to our foreman, we are all committed to providing the proper procedures, controls and follow-up to assure each worker goes home safely each and every day.

At Viridian Systems, safety is paramount. We are proud of our commitment to safety and will continue to challenge ourselves to improve our services to our clients.

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