Sustainability… A Philosophy of Responsibility

Our number one priority is to maximize the life cycle of your roofing investment and eliminate the need for premature roof replacement; thereby preserving your capital. Viridian Modified Bitumen membranes contribute to the success of dependable, durable and sustainable roofing systems. These membranes combine the advantages of built-up roofs and multi-ply construction. Not only are Viridian Modified Bitumen membranes fiscally responsible by maximizing life cycle, but they are environmentally responsible as well by reducing the carbon footprint associated with roof replacement and landfill waste.

Modified for Performance

  • Long-term durability and field proven performance
  • Custom engineered and system tested for optimum rooftop endurance, dependability and value
  • Premium polymer modified coating formulations
  • Innovative reinforcement constructions
  • ISO 9001 quality manufacturing processes
  • Superior weathering and versatility
  • Puncture resistance
  • Waterproofing redundancy
  • Exceptional elongation
  • Performance matched to enhance cold-applied, hot-applied, or heat-welded system specifications

Designed for Durability… A Viridian Trademark

Our roofing materials are designed to deliver long-lasting performance through modern, state-of-the-art technology. Backed by our industry-unique solutions approach, Viridian ensures you advanced, premium products, world-class service and a team of professionals who possess the experience and integrity to champion our durability commitment.

  • Premium polymer modified asphalt coatings and reinforcements
  • Superior physical properties, durability and waterproofing characteristics
  • “Cool Roof” surface membrane options
  • Increased potential for energy savings associated with enhanced system reflectivity and emittance properties. Extended roof system life-cycle
  • Exceptional granule adhesion
  • Long-term defense against system degradation due to UV attack, impact and harsh climate conditions
  • ISO 9001 and 14001 Quality System
  • Strict raw material and quality standards ensure optimum product performance and roof system sustainability


Viridian Systems for Maximum Weatherproofing Security

Viridian Systems leads the industry in offering the newest innovations in superior products, including environmentally responsible, solvent-free roofing products, ply and flood coat adhesives, penetration pocket fillers and insulation adhesives. Being focused on unparalleled customer and technical service, we strive to produce the highest quality products and deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

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