Coating Capabilities… Leading the Way

Viridian Systems offers a complete line of reflective coatings, roof mastics, primers, paints and specialty roof surface waterproofing products.

Cold Applied Roofing Solutions Offer the Following Benefits:

Ideal Areas of Use Include:

  • Energy Star® qualified surface coatings
  • Global warming mitigation and cooling energy savings
  • Lowered absorption of solar energy
  • Reduction of heat island effects and smog
  • Highly reflective coatings listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC)
  • Qualify for United States Green Building Council LEED® credits
  • Advanced technology, unique cold-applied coal tar surface coatings
  • Compatible with asphalt and coal tar roof assemblies
  • VOC compliant, low odor, spray applied formulations
  • Dramatically reduce installation expense and provide superior coal tar protection
  • Environmentally responsible, water-based coal tar
  • Delivering top of the line surface protection on roof slopes up to 6”

Different by Design More System Waterproofing… Less Filler

The polymer-modified cold adhesives featured by Viridian Systems provide excellent system assembly strength and surfacing protection. These advanced polymers add outstanding roofing performance to our products in the areas of elongation and recovery, cold weather flexibility, high tensile strength, along with excellent adhesion and fatigue resistance. Our reinforcement felts do not contain the cost reduction fillers commonly used in place of desirable waterproofing asphalt. Viridian’s technology and engineering, combined with our commitment to long-term performance, results in customer satisfaction.

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