A sound, but aged roof can often be restored rather than replaced. This environmentally friendly process will extend the roof system's life, reduce landfill waste, and preserve both tangible and intangible resources. Utilizing environmentally preferable roofing technologies, as well as a restoration and maintenance approach to roof management, Viridian is dedicated to extending the life of existing roofs through effective maintenance and repair.

Restoration Process Overview:

  • Roof is wet vacuumed to remove loose gravel and dirt
  • Defects are repaired
  • Flashings are restored
  • Appropriate restoration coating is applied
  • New gravel is blown onto fresh coating
  • Restoration is finished, with no disruption to operations

Do Not Consider Restoration When You Find:

  • Roof systems mopped directly to lightweight insulating
  • Fiberglass insulation mopped in place over steel deck
  • Roof assemblies with a history of splitting
  • Where serious ponding has existed for some time
  • Roof assemblies over phenolic insulation
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