Sustainability… A Philosophy of Responsibility

Restoration, a cost-effective option to extend the service life of a sound, but aged roof, is central to Viridian’s roofing and sustainability philosophy. This saves you money, and delays the need for a roof retrofit or replacement. Our first priority is to protect and maximize the life-cycle of your important building asset in the most effective and fiscally responsible manner possible. We advocate restoration whenever feasible — providing you sound, watertight protection in a customized, affordable process that preserves your capital and ensures the availability of resources for our future generations.

Designed for Durability… A Viridian Trademark

Our roofing materials are designed to deliver long-lasting performance through modern, state-of-the-art technology. Backed by our industry unique solutions approach, Viridian ensures you advanced, premium products, world-class service, and a team of professionals who possess the experience and integrity to champion our durability commitment.

Coating Capabilities… Leading the Way

Viridian Systems offers a complete line of reflective coatings, roof mastics, primers, paints and specialty roof surface waterproofing products, including:

Viridian Systems for Maximum Weatherproofing Security

We lead the industry in offering the newest innovations in superior products, including environmentally responsible solvent-free roofing products, ply and flood coat adhesives, penetration pocket fillers and insulation adhesives. Being focused on unparalleled customer and technical service, we strive to produce the highest quality products and deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

News & Literature

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