The GENISYS Systems Approach

Designed for Durability… A Viridian Trademark

Our roofing materials are designed to deliver long-lasting performance through modern, state-of-the-art technology. Backed by our “Performance Matched” systems approach, Viridian ensures you advanced, premium products, world-class service, and a team of professionals who possess the experience and integrity to champion our durability commitment.

GENISYS Performance Engineered Hot-Applied Systems

GENISYS hot-applied systems provide excellent weathering characteristics and waterproofing protection. The “Performance Matched” capabilities of the GENISYS hot-applied family can provide the option of high tensile strength and polymer modified adhesives for outstanding, long-lasting performance.


GENISYS Performance Engineered Heat-Welded Systems

GENISYS heat-welded systems provide strong monolithic waterproofing, and are ideal for projects that are sensitive to odor and where roofing kettles are restricted. These heat-welded membranes incorporate the latest polymer technology to deliver superior weathering, watertightness and enhanced temperature flexibility. Fast and easy to install, our heat-welded designs offer the benefits of GENISYS innovation in a roofing system that is value-engineered for economy and long-lasting durability.

GENISYS Performance Engineered Cold-Applied Systems

GENISYS cold-applied systems provide all the benefits of high performance roofing along with the safety and installation of ease of a cold-applied system. Many cold-applied GENISYS systems feature superior tensile strength, low odor installation, as well as a range of “Performance Matched” characteristics such as high elongation and superior resistance to mold/fungi, impact, chemicals, water, oxygen and the damaging attack of UV radiation exposure.

GENISYS Performance Engineered Cool Roof Systems

GENISYS cool roof systems (CRS) complement the high performance building requirements of the 21st century. Energy Star® and LEED® accredited for USGBC sponsored building projects, Viridian’s GENISYS family of cool roof systems provide exceptional solar reflectance index properties.

High Performance Systems with Performance Matched Characteristics

  • Wind uplift resistance
  • Increased safety and reduced liability in high wind regions
  • Durability
  • GENISYS designs address the range of exposure conditions that cause leaks and premature failure of roofing systems
  • Fire resistance
  • GENISYS fire resistance ratings meet ASTM E-108 or UL 790 fire testing requirements to increase facility safety and overall occupant protection
  • Strength and flexibility
  • GENISYS offers systems that meet high strength and elongation requirements to help resist splitting and tearing of the roof assembly
  • Reflectivity
  • Reduces interior temperature to reduce cooling energy costs


Why GENISYS. . . Why Now?

According to the Army Corps of Engineers, buildings consume 30 - 40% of our Nation’s energy and 60% of our Nation’s electricity. In addition, 30 - 35% of landfill space is building demolition waste. GENISYS cool roofing systems offer numerous benefits, including reducing the demand for electricity and the potential for smog development, which accentuates respiratory distresses such as asthma. The most practical advantage of maintenance and restoration is prolonging the life of roofing systems. This sustainability factor not only reduces the life cycle cost of the roofing system to the building owner, but also delays building construction materials from reaching landfills.

Viridian Systems for Maximum Weatherproofing Security

Viridian Systems leads the industry in offering the newest innovations in superior products, including environmentally responsible solvent-free roofing products, ply and flood coat adhesives, penetration pocket fillers and insulation adhesives. Being focused on unparalleled customer and technical service, we strive to produce the highest quality products and deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

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