SR Products recently acquired Viridian Systems, LLC.  Adding Viridian Systems to our family of brands enhances our manufacturing capabilities and expands our product line.   This acquisition has broadened the scope of system solutions that are now available to all SR Products clients.  Please visit our website for more information.

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36 White Reflective Coatings

As all types of facilities become more energy conscience, Viridian Systems has solutions to fit you budget. White reflective coatings reduce summer energy consumption.

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37 Ecological Roofing Systems

Viridian Systems combines ecological roofing systems to suit your unique design requirements.  This project combined white reflective membrane, solar panels and traditional built-up roofing for durability under vegetation trays.

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38 Long-Term Performance

Using the right products for the right application is one way the Viridian experience means long-term performance from the deck up.

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39 Silicone Roof Coating

Viridian Systems coating technology converts an aged black roof into an efficient energy saving system using “Made in the USA” products.

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